How to Download Hotstar Videos in Android n PC Site

Hotstar is undoubtedly one of the most popular Android apps to watch your favorite movies and movies on your Android smartphone. You can also stream Cricket Live directly from within the application. Android is a very very popular OS, and it is likely that you are reading this article on an Android device. Well, today, people have a shortage of time, they do not prefer to air their favorite TV shows or movies online because they consume more time because of buffering. And so they prefer to download the video and watch it later on their device.

Hotstar was first developed for Just Live Cricket Streaming in January 2015. But later it added TV shows from channels like Star Plus, Star Gold, Sahara One, Zee TV and more. The application now offers movies as well. Some American shows like Game of Throne are also added now. So they go to the internet, find a trick that can help them upload it on their device. So here we are with our article on How to download Hotstar Videos.Hotstar video download

Steps to Downloads Hotstar Videos on Android

I will tell you a legal method to download free Hotstar videos from Hotstar. You can use this method to download countless videos on your Android devices. You can download your favorite Hotstar videos and watch them later. This method is similar to YouTube. Users can download videos from the Hotstar application and watch them later without the internet.

Follow these steps for downloading your favorite shows from the Hotstar app

  • Download and Install the Latest Hotstar on your Android Device from our site
  • Once the App is installed, Open the App.
  • Now Sign up for a new Hotstar account from here – Create an Account.Hotstar free sign up form
  • Now you need to create an account, then enter all the information.
  • Remember your username and password.
  • Once created, connect to the application with the account you just created.
  • Now look for the movie or show you need to download.
  • Now you will see an option to “Save Offline“, or Download, just tap this option.
  • Select the desired Video Format.
  • The video should start downloading.

So, wait until the video is downloaded and you can watch the video anytime on your device without any buffering or Internet connection.

How to Find Hotstar Downloaded Video file storage location in Android Mobile

Many users fail to find their downloaded Hotstar video on File Manager. We have conducted a thorough search to find the exact location of the downloaded video file storage Hotstar in Android. Every Android phone has a different location. But we found a similar location to all Android devices.

  • Open your Android Phone Menu
  • Now, Click on Download or My Files.
  • Under this folder, you will find your Hotstar downloaded Video files.

How to download videos from Hotstar site

In addition to the Hotstar application, there is another method for downloading videos. You can also download your favorite shows, serial publications from the official Hotstar site. This process will help you download Hotstar videos on your PC. You can download any video directly to your computer.

Follow these steps to download videos from the Hotstar site:

  1. Download and extract

    zip file.

  2. Open
  3. Select any video or search your favorite show to download.
  4. Copy the video’s link.
  5. now go to the exOpen the Hotstar video downloader folder. Here you will see 2 batched files.
  6. Click on Hotstarlivestreamer.bat file.
  7. CMD will appear on your screen. Paste the link of the video that you had copied. and press enter key
  8. Now Select the stream/download of your video quality (example write 720p): (Now Available streams: 234p 360p 404p 720p 900p 1080p) and Press Enter key
  9. Use ‘P’ to play and ‘D’ command to download the video on CMD and Press Enter
  10. Your video will start downloading.

Find Downloaded videos directory:

You can find your videos in Hotstarlivestreamer/videos directory in same location folder.

Last Words on How to download Hotstar videos in Android or PC

Here are the best ways to download your favorite movies, TV shows or videos from the Hotstar app or website. If you are having a problem with this tip. Then make a comment below and do not forget to share this article with your friends.